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Veenat is a prescription medication available in the strength of veenat 400 mg price This medication contains an active formulation of Imatinib mesylate. This medication belongs to a class of medicine called tyrosine kinase inhibitors. This regime is used by those patients who are suffering from blood cancer like chronic myeloid leukaemia and Acute lymphocytic leukemia. It can also treat gastrointestinal stromal tumors. The veenat 400 mg price in india can be seen on Magicine Pharma. It can kill the cancer cells and stop them from growing. The veenat tablet can also prevent the multiplication of cancer cells. Its side effects are edema (swelling), nausea, vomiting, etc. Purchase this medicine today!

abalam 600 mg

Abalam is a prescription tablet that comes in the strength of 600mg/300mg. This regime contains two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors viz Abacavir and Lamivudine. The abacavir lamivudine tablet price in india is used in the treatment of those patients who are experiencing HIV infection. It can also decrease the chances of contracting AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The work of this medicine is to interfere in the working of nucleotide and nucleoside reverse transcriptase enzymes. These two enzymes multiply the virus. Some of its abacavir lamivudine 300 mg are fatigue, headache, nausea, etc. Enquire about this medicine on Magicine Pharma and get up to 5% off now!



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