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oxaltero Injection price

Oxaltero is a prescription medication that comprises Oxaliplatin. It helps treat patients suffering from colon and rectum cancer. This regimen is available as injections given by a medical practitioner. oxaliplatin injection price in india have a strength of 100mg. Get specialty medicines on Magicine Pharma at 30% off. Avail quick delivery services along with easy payment options.

regorafenib 40 mg

Nublexa is a cancer-fighting regimen comprising Regorafenib. It is prescribed for the treatment of patients with cancer of the colon and rectum. This medicine is available as oral tablets of 40mg strength. It is indicated for use with food only. Get the regorafenib 40 mg brand at 30% off on Magicine Pharma. Buy online and avail quick delivery!.



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